Pre-processing Uploaded Images on Nodejs

Posted on Oct 13, 2015, by markocen

Allowing user upload their images to web server is quick common in modern web app, like changing account avatar, attaching blog pictures or posting image tweets. The images from user side can be difference, they have different qualities, sizes and types. Regarding saving those images directly into our database or filesystem (thinking about saving an 10MB image into database), we mostly like to convert them into our standards first. That is the reason we need server side image pre-processing.

Customize Angular Exception Handler

Posted on July 18, 2015, by markocen

In Angular, all exceptions would be delegated to exceptionHandler service. By default, exceptionHandler only log exception to console. However, in production, we may need more features rather than logging. This post demonstrates a simple way to build a rich-feature customized Angular exception service...

i18n Implementation For Node Application

Posted on July 11, 2015, by markocen

Nowadays, more and more websites support two or more languages. More languages supporting simply means more customers your website would have, i18n (internationalization) is a solution to localize a web application into different languages and cultures, this is not simple process especially you have a large web application. However, if you are using nodejs, thanks to many open-source i18n node middleware, you can deploy i18n solution without too much pain. This blog provides a simple demo to show how to build a multi-language website by using node and its i18n module...