Silk Stree Market
Just like a normal market across the street, Silk Street Market provides a great place on Internet to trade staff, you can either be a seller or a buyer. After registration, you can submit posts (called open a roadside stall) to exhibit what you have, or seek what you want.
Silk Street Market is my first deployed part-time project, it hosted on Heroku, and used NodeJs server and mongodb database. I wish this project could provide a platform for Boston people to meet each other and trade their goods.

A light-weight tool library for easily adding customized markers on Google map. Simple APIs and no server side dependency.

An Angular modeless dialog, without jQuery dependency , super easy to use, and has fully customized theme.
The main purpose to build this project is that, I couldn't find a 'pure Angular' modaless popover directive on Internet, all existing directives are rely on jQuery which I don't want to use in my development, so I decided to write a modaless dialog component without jQuery dependency.

Angular Endless Scroll Bar
Angular endless scroll bar is a directive for implementing infinite scroll bar in angular app, it can take options to set scroll trigger position and callback function